The Security Blanket of Grief

security blanket

My brain works in metaphors. It’s just how I roll. Jesus and I would’ve been tight. Just sayin’.

My latest thought topic: grief. Some people hang on to grief and loss for dear life. I’m not one of those people. I wallow in it for about three weeks (and boy, do I wallow), but then I forget it (well, mostly), and start the process of moving on. But some people aren’t like that. And those people fascinate me. It is such a mystery to me. Why do that? Why live your life holding on to something that is long gone? Then, this morning, it hit me.

Grief is a security blanket.

It’s familiar. It’s enveloping. It’s something to hide behind. No new grief can get in if you’re cloaked by the old, dependable, familiar grief. Right? (Hehe…get it? Cloaked? Once again, I astound myself with my wit. Sigh…)

But I digress.

So, yeah. Makes sense now. But here’s the deal.

During the cold, dark times – let’s call that Winter – that security blanket is pretty awesome. You can curl up in it and stay warm. All tucked in and safe. Content. Not ‘happy’ per se. But secure. Just you and your little blanket all alone in the world with no one to ‘get ya.’

But then, guess what? As it always does, Spring comes along. It’s warming up outside. Things are starting to look new. Fresh. Reborn. It’s time to get up off the couch and go outside. But what are you gonna do? Drag the blanket with you? At first, maybe that’s ok. I mean, Spring still has some chilly days, right? Go ahead, take it with you. Do what you have to do. But you know it’s starting to get cumbersome. Annoying.

And then after Spring, here comes Summer. Now that blanket is just a nuisance. It’s hot. It’s bulky. It’s a hindrance. It’s ridiculous. It’s unnecessary. Leave that thing. PUT IT DOWN. And I don’t mean fold it up and leave it on the end of the couch to come back home and curl up in later. I mean, throw that sh*t away. It’s ugly; it’s ratty; it’s no longer serving a purpose.

I understand. It was nice for a while. But now? It’s time to let it go. Uncurl from that silly cocoon and break free of what binds you.


~ 1/30/13 ~

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