About the Ramblings

“So. It’s February 2013, and I have decided to start a public blog. I’ve had a private blog for a while, but I think it’s time to put some of my more public writings out here for the world to see. I’m masochistic like that. There will basically just be a smorgasbord of different styles of writing (poetry, songs, ramblings…). Lots of rhyme, not much reason….that kind of thing. There will also be a variety of topics. I’m a new runner – so prepare yourself for a lot of that crap. But there will also be stuff about my kids, my relationship, my hopes, my dreams, etc. Hopefully there will be some humor mixed in there among the mess. So basically, it’s life. Ya know? A blog about life.

So, enjoy. (I hope!) If you see something you like, please feel free to share it with others.  And please, if you see something that resonates, comment. Let me know. I’d like to know someone gets it. Anyone? Anyone?

Thanks for checking me out.”


The above quoted material is what I originally had on my “about” page.  It’s now January 2017 and I thought it was time to update.

Since starting this little blog, I have gone on to have five stories published with Chicken Soup for the Soul, have an essay included in the book Reflections on the New River published by McFarland, and have self-published two original works, Lessons Abound and Searching For Home: The Poetic Musings of a Wanderer. It all starts with a little inkling of an idea….and you just never know where your dreams will take you from there.

Thanks for coming along on the journey!



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  1. Found your blog through the Women’s Running Community (WRC) page on Facebook. Loved your “Jesus” post, will definitely be reading over others as I have the time!!

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