“Good job, Momma” (My first 10k – 11/12/12)


Well, there we are. Jeff and I both finished our first 10k! It was a trail run and it was BRUTAL, but we made it out alive!

Now, my son Jeff would normally smoke me in something like this, but he was very tired and discouraged by this one. I caught up with him about the 4.5 mile mark. He was grumpy and determined to walk the rest of the way, but with a little cajoling from his determined momma, we both ended up run/walking our way to the finish in 1 hour and 22 minutes. Those last couple of miles made the whole race worth it. It was so nice getting to spend quality time with him like that, even if it was just trying to convince him to keep moving. I was very proud of him for pulling himself out of his feeling of defeat and pushing himself to finish strong. Once you’ve mentally given up, it’s very VERY hard to pull yourself back out of that mindset, but he did it. We even had a pretty funny moment…near the end of the race, he kept saying he had to go the bathroom and I was telling him to hang in there until we were finished. When I was trying to keep him pepped up and motivated, I told him that a friend of mine told me to just chant the mantra “push through; push through” over and over and it would help you keep going. He said, “I can’t say that – I’ll crap all over myself!” Lol.

Oh, and one more thing about the race before I close.

Before I realized that I was so close to catching up with him, I was running through a section where I thought I was alone. Through the woods (or in my mind?) I could have sworn I heard the words “Good job, Momma.” It sounded like Jeffrey, but I thought it couldn’t be. For two reasons. 1) There was no way I was that close to him. And 2) That’s not something he would normally say to me. Turns out I was wrong on both counts. It was him. It took me a while to catch up to him and to realize that it was him that had said it, but it sure made my day.

So there ya have it. A 10k in the books for me and my boy.

“Good job, Momma.”

~ 11/12/12 ~

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