Daily Archives: February 11, 2013

Trunk Junk


While I’m posting a few older things to get my blog started, I decided to blow the dust off of some old poetry.  Here are a few from over the years.




Memories begin to drift back to the noise…
Back to the happiness, the lights, the sounds, the laughter
Spinning around at top speed on a merry-go-round
Filled with smiles and laughing children and chirping birds
“Tickets, get your tickets!”
Come ride the ride!

Then suddenly…silence.

Where did it go?
Was it even real?

I want my money back.



My passion.
The feel of the hot lights on my face –
The way my heart beats wildly just before the curtain rises –
The adrenaline rush.

My escape.
Reality takes a back seat for two short hours –
Life’s problems are forgotten –
I am no longer me.

Scenes and emotions swirl around me
I get lost in the drama, the melodies;
Dilemmas are solved,
Everyone is satisfied –
Happily ever after.

Not like the real world at all.



You keep me going.
You make sure I take just one more step
Go that one extra mile
Take that final leap.
(You are responsible for all that!)
You fill my heart with music –
My mind with phrases –
My pen with energy.
What would I be without you?
Who would I be without you?

Ode to the dreams that have not yet faded…



Tiny little beating hearts
Eyes so bright and blue
Courage bigger than themselves
Tested, tried and true.
Little lessons to be learned
Wisdom we can’t know
Spirits soaring far beyond
Any point adults can go.
Little professors of innocence
Messengers sent our way
To remind us of the importance
Of holding on to today.



Where is this place I’ve come to?
Brand new scenery all around
Nothing seems familiar
Brand new walls that surround.
I’m here by my own making
Decisions made for the best
Moving on from something dying
Lying old memories down to rest.
I make my way through empty halls
Hearing echoes where once was sound
I struggle to keep my head held high
To keep my weary feet on the ground
Conflicting emotions well up inside me
As I adjust to being alone
Knowing somehow I do belong here
Yet missing what once was home.


Forgotten Mistress

I am looking in the window-
Standing on tiptoe to see-
Watching the life go on inside
The life that doesn’t include me
I see the family that loves him
The woman who will always welcome him home
I see the good times that abound
As I stand here all alone.
I wonder, Does he see me
Out of the corner of his eye?
Am I included in his vision
As the walls keep me outside?
Am I the secret no one mentions-
The dirty reminder of his fall?
Or have I already been forgotten
Not even thought about at all?
I know that I should turn away
From this sight I cannot bear to see
From watching the life go on inside
The life that doesn’t include me.
But yet, I stand here waiting
For that invitation I will never receive
And I’ll remain outside this window
Until I can find the strength to leave.



When years have passed
And memories fade into dreams
I will remember this moment.

When the world has forgotten that the two of us ever existed,
Or that our paths had ever even crossed,
This moment will be etched in my memory.

When my life moves forward in one direction
And yours moves on in another
This moment will connect us.

Through space, time, distance
Through love, tears, sadness
Through beginnings, through endings –
This moment shall not fade.



Have you ever tried to climb a tree with no branches?
Oh, it is the most frustrating thing!
You know that reaching the top would be wonderful –
So many awesome possibilities –
So much possible potential –
Such a beautiful view!
But how do you get up there when there are no branches –
No stepping stones along the way –
No one to help you?
You begin to think . . . maybe this tree isn’t meant to be climbed.
Maybe I’m not ready just yet.
Maybe I should just admire the view from the ground for a while.
After all, who knows?
Maybe there is another tree just around the bend.
It may not be as majestic and beautiful…
But it probably has branches.
Maybe, just maybe
It will even bend down to help me up.
Maybe it’s time to move on.

Good-bye to old unattainable dreams.
Hello to new, realistic ones.