Solitary Journey

(I wrote this on February 22, 2011, after one of my many outpatient cervical cancer treatments. I had a hysterectomy in July 2011 to finally end my two-year bout with this sickness.)

Solitary Journey

I walk in alone.

Take a deep breath, pretend I am strong,
Grit my teeth,

I walk out alone.
I drive home alone.
I’m a grownup now.  I can do this.

I am strong.

I walk in my empty house
I sit on my couch

I do not need anyone else.

I am strong.

Time passes.
Clock ticks.
Self-pity increases.
Lonliness consumes.


A sound pierces the silence –
the phone rings.

Someone remembered.
Sigh of relief.

Hi Daddy.




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