My little boy

I remember the day I was told
He was coming into my world
I remember shortly later looking down
At that red head filled with curls.

I remember that happy little smile
That graced strangers and friends the same
A sweet little bundle of innocence
Proudly carrying his uncle’s name.

I remember looking down at that little guy
The little toddler who held no fear
My passionate little chatter box
Full of stories for all who cared to hear.

He knew no stranger, that boy of mine
And wanted to be friends with them all
I always wondered how a heart so big
Could fit in a boy so small.

Soon time began to take its toll
And my little boy began to find his own way
School, friends, and sporting events
Began to fill the hours of the day.

Gone were the days of snuggling
And the one-on-one mommy time
Instead was a little independent guy
With other things filling his mind.

So…gone are the trains and the legos
Gone are the mountains of toys.
I look over now at this young man
Who stands in the place of that little boy.

And strangely, though I see the changes
In this boy standing taller than me
I still see glimpses here and there
Of that little guy he used to be.

And though it’s hard to see him grow
To watch as he slowly turns into a man
He will always be that curly-headed little boy
Who stole my heart with one touch of his hand.


~ 5/25/11 ~

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