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Wisdom from Elain

“Nature chooses who will be transgender; individuals don’t choose this.”
– Mercedes Ruehl

Yesterday, I wrote a blog called The Guise of Love.

Today, I read another blog post similar to mine by a man named John. While going through the comments on John’s post, I saw one comment that deserved a blog post of its own.

Today’s blog is dedicated to Elain. These are her words.

They need to be heard.

Open your mind and your heart and listen.

 I’m transgender. Do you know what I think about when I go into the bathroom? Going to the bathroom. Washing my hands. Checking my hair and makeup. Full Stop. I and every other transgender person I know (and I know about 600 transgender people personally) feel exactly the same way. We just want to pee.

“Use the men’s room then” people say.

I have rather pronounced breasts (Yes, real, physical breasts, natural and made by my body). I wear a dress. Heals, Blouses. My hair and makeup is not even close to being masculine.

Do you know what happens to me when I go to the men’s restroom looking like this? 4 times I have been assaulted. Once that put me in a hospital for a week. I have been spit on at least 30 times. I’ve had more disgusting things said to me than I can count. I’ve had urine thrown on me twice, feces once. I’ve had to pull my pistol out on men 5 times. I started carrying a firearm after I was hospitalized by a right wing Christian hater in Florida, who nearly beat me to death and would have, had he not been pulled off me and restrained btw. One of these days I am going to be forced to shoot someone who thinks it is perfectly fine to assault the transgender person for no other reason than I am transgender. And it will be because of right wing pretend ‘Christians’ and their ramped up hate towards transgender people, since they can no longer legally hate on gay people.

We are the next target for their disgusting, un-Christ like hate.

I got so tired of the hate I was facing, on a daily basis. EVERYWHERE I went, that I chose to relocate to a state with transgender protections because I REALLY don’t want to have to shoot some hate driven so-called ‘Christian’ for trying to assault me because they have been taught by their church that I am an easy target for their hate and fear.

‘Christians’ are always screaming about people who are LGBT being so militant.. you know why we are that way? Because YOU do everything you can to cause us harm, to revile us, to hate us, to treat us as less than human. So.. we got active. We defended ourselves from YOU. Now many of you are crying we have an agenda.. that we are trying to take away your rights. NO.. WE RE NOT! We are just trying to be allowed to live, love and be happy, like everyone else. BUT YOU WON’T LET US. So we have to activate, protest, be militant. We’d rather not have to do that. We just want to live, like everyone else, without being afraid we will be fired for who we love, evicted for who we are, not for anything we did wrong. Be able to walk down the road without pretend ‘Christians’ spewing their idiocy and hate at us. Be able to marry the person we love. JUST LIKE YOU!

And then we have people like John here, who actually gets it. Who understands that humanity isn’t black and white. One way or the other, that we are in fact an amazingly diverse and variable species. People like John give me hope that someday, I will be able to walk down the street without fearing I will be attacked, and possibly murdered, just for existing. Right now, that is a very real fear for me EVERY TIME I STEP OUTSIDE OF MY HOME. And I blame that 100% on ‘Christians’.

If any of you walked a day in my footsteps. Lived a day in my shoes. Had the faintest glimmering of what goes on in my mind, how I feel, how I think… you would know that being transgender isn’t a choice, it’s a matter of living or ending your life. It almost ended my life. I fought who I was as hard as I could. I created a façade. Male. Tried to live so society would leave me alone. Buried myself so deep, that nobody even knew I was there. And I hated myself and life so thoroughly, just hated everything and everybody but mostly I hated myself. I was so deeply, miserably unhappy that death seemed a viable and much better alternative. Every day of 50 years of life, I was miserable. Unhappy. Hated myself. Hated everyone else. It came to a head. I almost succeeded in killing myself. My doctors don’t even know how I survived and have told me that I shouldn’t have. That was a year ago. I stopped pretending and playing YOUR game, and finally accepted what I had been forced to deny my entire life. I accepted who I was, something I knew before I even turned 4.

Oh yes. I have memories going back to 4 and earlier. Massive distress at my body, at parts of my body. It was wrong. Broken. Misshapen. I didn’t know what to call it back then, but the one and only time I voiced it… I got beat so badly I had to lay on my stomach for three days. I never mentioned it again until a year ago.

And you know what? I am happier. I no longer hate people. No longer look in the mirror and hate myself. For the first time in my entire 51 years of life… I like who I am. I will kill myself rather than be forced back into that THING I pretended to be for 50 years. You don’t know my pain. None of you except another transgender person can really know it. But you can be empathetic. Understanding. Instead of hating and fearing what you don’t know. You can educate yourself. And if you really are Christian… you can do what Jesus told you to do in the first place. Love your neighbor as you love yourself. You can’t love your neighbor when you are trying to criminalize their very existence.

Sorry for the rant John. You strike me as a decent person and one I could respect and admire. But it had to be said. From our view.



The Guise of Love


If you’re my Facebook friend, you knew this blog was coming.

If you’re not, let me catch you up.

Yesterday, a Christian lady in our small mountain community posted a status about a new Charlotte, North Carolina law that was passed Monday allowing transgender people to use the public bathroom that corresponds to their gender identity. This woman, who has repeatedly told the world in Facebook statuses, a self-published book, numerous selfies, and a multitude of scripture posts that she is a Christian and loves all, expressed her concern at this new ruling. She said she would no longer feel it would be safe to allow her children to use these bathrooms and that this new ruling “made her sick.” She said it “goes against all she believes is right and true.”

But oh, it didn’t end there. In fact, this was just the beginning.

Once the comments started rolling in from people, including me, who saw the hypocrisy and hurt in such a statement coming from someone who is supposed to be in support of love for all, this woman was quick to start deleting and blocking the naysayers and rewording and deleting some of her negative comments. She then went on to create a video selfie (which I want to post the link to soooo bad but those last few shreds of maturity are stopping me) showing her crying over the hurt and pain that standing for God was bringing about. To which, came numerous comments flooding in supporting her in her plight and remarking that they too were standing with her on God’s side.



[Maturity, Melissa. Maturity.]

Alrighty then. Let’s discuss, shall we?

First and foremost, as someone I greatly admire was quick to point out, I’ve yet to see the parts in the Bible about public restrooms. I mean, seriously. I try and try to be just a smidge educated before I start mouthing off about something but, for the life of me, I’ve scoured that thing and I simply cannot find it. So, I’m just not quite sure how these people know how their God feels about men and women using each other’s bathrooms. This has become such a mystery to me. But, hey, surely such devoted Christ followers wouldn’t make up stuff from the Bible just to support their own ignorance-based fears, would they?

Surely not.

So, let’s assume it’s in there. (You know, somewhere around all that “judge not” silliness.) And let’s assume that this woman is truly standing up for her Lord and is bearing the brunt of such a burden. Okidoke, Got it.

So, video selfie and numerous photo selfies later, here we are. And the comments are still rolling in. Now, even though this woman managed to block every member of my family from her Facebook page (as Jesus would have her do), I still have my ways of seeing the things that are posted. (Just chalk it up to my evil ways…muhaha). And in the past 24 hours, here are the things I’ve seen.

“Keep standing for God, you have a heart of gold and He knows it!”

“Thank God there are people like you that will stand up for what you believe in!”

“I’m so sorry someone hurt you.”

“Exactly what I was thinking. This is a fruitcake nation.”

(My favorite up there was how sorry someone was that she was hurt. That SHE was hurt?? Seriously? She describes a fairly significant portion of our population as people who “make her sick” and whom she fears will harm her children because of a condition that they have no control over and yet she is the one that’s hurt? Give me a friggin break.)

But, fruitcake nation aside, another of the commenters really tickled me. Let me give you a little backstory.

About 5 minutes before this guy got married, he made out with me. Yup, that’s right. It was before I met Richard, of course, and I could make all kinds of excuses for the way things went down, but the facts are the facts. His Facebook and public persona showed the world how happy he was with the love of his life, while his private self was trying to get in my pants.

And now where is he?

Commenting on this status about how horrible this world is and how awful it is that this poor woman is being faced with such adversity in her plight for God.


For the love of God, can we stop with the hypocrisy?  I mean, seriously, people. You’re not perfect. I’m not perfect. The city of Charlotte isn’t perfect. Transgender people aren’t perfect. We all make mistakes and we all SUCK. Can we please, please, stop judging people on things they have no control over?

Sure, I get it. I’m partly hypocritical because I’m ranting on this post about this Christian woman and her non-Christian ways, but do you see the difference here? Yes, I’m being judgmental and yes, I’m being snarky and bitchy. But it’s because of this woman’s personality. I don’t like her. I think she’s a fraud and I think she’s leading thousands of people down a path that is making this world an ugly place filled with ignorance and intolerance of things they don’t understand. But I can do that. I’m human. I don’t claim to be Christ-like because I’m not. Yes, I do judge. But my judgment is based on how you ACT, not who you are.

There’s a big fat huge hairy difference. Got it?

I do not think this woman is doing God’s work and I pray that each and every one of you out there think twice before you blindly follow someone just because they say that’s what they’re doing. No matter how many scriptures they post, God said you’re going to know them by their fruits.  What were the fruits of that post?

Hurt feelings. Exclusion. Rejection. Embarrassment.

Is that really what Jesus would do?

Hatred disguised as love is one of the most dangerous things there is in this world. It frightens the bejeebus out of me and makes me terrified for all the young people out there who are going through identity crises. The world is a scary place when you’re young, immature, and people who are supposed to be so “good” make you feel like a leper. Nothing but bad can come from that. Believe me when I tell you this.


Think for yourselves, people.  Come on, THINK. It’s not that hard. It’s really not. If you don’t like someone because of how they act, that’s cool. You’re human. Don’t like them. But if you don’t like someone because of who they are and if you think they don’t deserve the same rights as you because of things that are beyond their control, I think you might want to recheck that religion thing you’re basing your beliefs on.

I think you might have screwed up somewhere. And the God I know does not want you using his name to promote your selfish agenda.

Don’t preach about love. Love. It’s a verb. Do it.

And that’s all I have to say.


“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.”
– Jesus Christ


Selfie:  “A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.”

selfie6[Obligatory selfie of me blogging about selfies?  Check!]

Ok, WordPress, get with the program.  Stop giving me the little red underline thingy when I type the word ‘selfie.’  Haven’t you heard?  It’s a word now.  No, it’s not misspelled.  No, I didn’t really mean to type “sulfide” (but hey, thanks for that wonderfully appropriate suggestion…).  No, selfie is now a word.  Really.  Just ask the Oxford Dictionary.

Ok, so, in case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard, ‘selfie’ was chosen as the Word of the Year by the Oxford Dictionary.  I mean, everybody’s saying it, and hey – everybody’s doing it – so we might as well go ahead and recognize it, right?  Makes sense.

So, since this seems to be the ‘trend’ these days, I thought I’d throw my two cents in there on the subject.  I mean, I know I tend to be as quiet as a little church mouse when it comes to having an opinion on things, but I thought I’d break the rules just this once…  (Heh.)

So, when it first crossed my mind to blog about this, I decided to check with other people to see what their first, gut responses were about selfies.  The first person I asked?  “Selfies = wanting attention.”  Well, there ya go.  The next?  “Well, I guess it sort of depends on the context of the photograph, but for the most part I see them as vain.”  Both excellent answers and probably answers that go with the majority.  They were also the answers I’d probably give if I were asked.

Well, that is, if I didn’t take the time to think it through and realize what a hypocrite I am.

Before I started to write this blog, I would have made this statement:  I am the type of person who does not do the selfie thing.  No way.  Not this girl.  Absolutely not.  But then I started looking through my pictures and I noticed something.

Apparently I’m the queen of what I now like to call the “sneaky selfie.”

Yep.  Apparently if I add some humor or a purpose or, best sneaky selfie loophole ever: another person to the picture, then I’m totally absolved of any of the ‘vanity’ accusations, right?


Selfie with the boyfriend?  Well, duh.  He’s my honey.  No vanity here.  I’m not trying to say I look good…I’m saying, “look how cute we are together!”  Right?


Goofy selfie with my daughter?  No vanity there!  Just being silly.  And someone else is in the picture, so it’s all good.

How about….


Duck face with a baby selfie??  Helllo!  No vanity there.  Nothing but cuteness.  Aren’t I adora….*ahhem*…um…isn’t she adorable???


Swing selfie?  Well, duh.  Everybody’s doing it! Look how much fun I’m having!  I’m being a kid.  I’m being goofy. Weeee!  (I mean, yeah, my hair looks great, and my eye color is popping, but I hardly even noticed that part….) There’s humor, people.  Totally acceptable.

Oooh, or how about the time I straightened my hair with a new hair straightener and wanted to show the world how good it worked?


Nothing wrong with that!  That combined two of the sneaky selfie criterion to a tee.  Humor and purpose.  Totally cool.  And yeah, my hair was looking kinda perfect that day, but that was totally a coincidence.  No vanity here.

Ooooooh.  Or about the theatre sneaky selfies??  Totally acceptable, right?

selfie2 selfie3

Of course!  I’m not me, I’m somebody else!  Duh.  I’m not showing myself off, I’m showing off my love of theatre and costumes.  These pics were totally about the costume/makeup people, not me.  Heavens no.


I’m even sick of looking at my own self at this point, so I’m going to go ahead and stop with the photographic evidence and just get to my point.  Like my two guinea pigs’ answers at the beginning of this story – and, like what my own answer would have been – are you of the “selfies are just vanity” mindset?  Or, to put it quite frankly, are you a hypocrite like me?

What the heck is wrong with it, people?  I mean, it’s such a phenomenon that it has become the word of the year.  The word of the freakin year!  Is it vanity?  Ok, maybe to an extent, it is.  But you know what?

Who the heck cares??

Isn’t it kind of awesome if you think about it?  Whether you’re a flat out selfie poster or a hypocritical sneaky selfie poster like myself, either way I think there’s a deeper meaning behind this trend.  People are starting to…*gasp*…feel good about themselves!  What??  Surely not!  We’re not allowed to do that, right!?

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote what has become a vastly popular article called Get Over It. This was an article in response to one man’s criticism of runners and of what he calls their incessant need to “show off.”  I adamantly defended runners and the fact that they have every right to plaster their 5K, 10K, 13.1 and 26.2 stickers on the back of their cars because it’s something they are proud of.  Something that they not necessarily want other people to see (although if they do, great!), but mostly something that they themselves are proud of and want to display.  I defended that right to no end and broadcasted my opinion that we runners should shout our accomplishments from the rooftops.  And apparently, almost 1600 people have agreed with me because that’s where my stats are right now for this one article.

But if I took those 1600 people, myself included, and asked them what they think about selfies, I wonder what their answer would be?  Same as mine would have been?  Same as my test subjects’ answers were?

I’m guessing probably so.

I sure do need to stop being a hypocrite.  Do you?  If your hair looks good today, if you’re especially proud of your makeup (girls, not guys – oh heck, my readers are super diverse – guys that wear makeup, this goes for you too), or if you’re just feeling especially good about yourself today for no reason at all and you want to snap a new profile pic of yourself?  By all means, selfie it up, people.  We only get one spin at this whole ‘life’ thing, we might as well just live it.  Smile, capture the moment, show it off, and move on.

You won’t be getting any more flack from me.  That’s a promise.


“Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings.”
– Samuel Johnson