“Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light.”
– Vera Nazarian

booksOk, I’m bustin out the geek card for this blog.

I’m going to talk about how much I love books.  And, holy crap, do I love books!  I mean, I really really love books.

I saw the picture to the right on Facebook the other day, and I felt a little tingle in my stomach.  Seriously, I’m that big of a nerd!  I know that feeling of ‘magic’ that it’s referring to….the feeling of holding a book in your hand, smelling the pages, wondering what other life is waiting inside for you to slip into.  It’s addictive, man, I’m tellin’ ya.

And, admittedly, I do have a slight problem when it comes to that kind of addiction.  I’m obsessed with buying and owning these books, but I don’t exactly always get around to reading them.  You know what I mean?  It’s like the food thing – you know how when someone thinks they’re crazy hungry so they pile their plate with food and then they’re not quite able to finish it?  You call that your eyes being bigger than your stomach, right?  Or something like that.  Well, I have that problem with books.  My eyes are bigger than the amount of free hours I have in a day.  So, with that being the case, I own a huge bookshelf, overflowing with books, and I could honestly bet you that there are about 1/3 of them sitting there unread.

Eh.  Oh well.  I’m sure there are worse addictions to have.

librarySo, with this book addiction of mine comes another addiction.  The library.  Holy cow, the library is the greatest thing ever invented.  EVER.  I mean, hello?  There are thousands of books just sitting there waiting for you to borrow them and read them. For free!  What kind of person doesn’t take advantage of that?  Books.  For you to read.  For free.  Duuuuh!  Ok, am I the only person that gets this excited about books?  Please tell me I’m not.  Please?  Anybody?

I’m lucky enough to work right down the road from the local library.  And, apparently, I spend quite a bit of time there.  Just yesterday when I went by to check out a book, one of the librarians said, “I haven’t seen your name on the ‘hold’ list in a while.  Everything ok?”  Heh.  Um, wow.  Ok, first of all, I don’t even know this lady.  I’ve seen her quite a few times, of course, but there are many librarians that file in and out and I didn’t recall having seen her any more often than anyone else.  But apparently, she remembers me.  Strangely, that made me kind of proud.  See?  Nerd.

I have turned to that library so many times over the years.  Problems with the kids?  Head to the library.  There’s a parenting book for that.  Stressful day at work?  Head to the library at lunch.  Grab an easy read and sit in the stillness for an hour before you have to jump back into reality.  Relationship problems?  Head to the library.  Breathe in the quiet and calm and check out a book about relationship issues and find out where you’re going wrong.  [Funny tidbit on that topic: a friend of mine was going through a rough time in a relationship recently, so I went to the library and checked out my ‘go-to’ relationship book for her to read.  When I gave her my precious breakup bible, she realized there was a piece of paper stuck in it.  What was it, you ask?  A receipt.  My receipt.  The receipt from the last time I checked the book out was still in it.  Ha!  Apparently I’m the only one who reads that thing.  Isn’t it time for them to just give it to me??  By the way, the book is called “It’s Called a Breakup Because It’s Broken” by the author of “He’s Just Not That Into You,” Greg Behrendt and his wife, Amiira.  It rocks.]

chickensoupAnd now that you know what a nerd I am about books, you’ll have a better understanding for why I’m so incredibly excited about what is getting ready to happen to me.  One of these days over the next few weeks, I’m going to get home from work and there is going to be a box waiting at my door.  And inside this box is going to be ten brand new books that haven’t even been released in the stores yet.  And you know why I’m getting that box of books?  Because my name is listed in them as an author.

My name is listed as an author.

Holy crap, just typing that sentence gave me goose bumps.  This silly blog that I started just nine short months ago, and that now is bordering on 13,000 views, has led me to this.  Because I took the chance that someone might like something that I had written, I am going to be a published author.  A published author!  The closer it gets, the more real it becomes.  My name is going to be listed among other writers in the book Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Dating Game.  Me!  The lover of the written word, the nerd who can’t stay out of bookstores, the girl who is known on a first name basis by the librarian…I am now going to walk into these places knowing that somewhere within them lies a book that has my name in it.

Somebody pinch me!

Kind of strange how life works out sometimes, isn’t it?  I am so grateful to all of the authors that have come before me.  The ones who have written the many books that I have read and have shown me what pleasure can come from reading someone else’s story.  It blows my mind to think that I am going to be sitting on their side of the table now.  Somewhere someone will be in my place – they will be the nerd sitting at the bookstore or at the library or on their couch with their cat.  They will pick up this book and start reading a story that touches them in some way, and they’ll look to the name of the author, and it will be mine.  Mine.

Full circle, people.  Life always finds a way to come back full circle.

This is the stuff dreams are made of.


“It is the writer who might catch the imagination of young people, and plant a seed that will flower and come to fruition.”
– Isaac Asimov

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  1. Nice one, Missy. I used to be a book nerd…still am but I can’t always spend the time in my book. While I used to be transported INTO the Nancy Drew mystery until it was solved, I now only find time to be intoduced to the “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” before I gave to run.

  2. Just so you don’t feel “weird” all by yourself, I will chime in with a habit I have about new books. I love to pick up a book, thumb through the pages, and just inhale. Yes, I actually said that. I like the smell of new books as if you can get a preview of the magic inside by just inhaling it into your system 😉

    OK, if you haven’t stopped reading now and blocked me from posting any further comments, I will continue 🙂 I was not a book nerd when I was younger, but I sure am now. And, in a sense, I am happy that it happened that way. I was never encouraged to read. It was just not something my family did. But, I have now been able to change the world in a way, and break that bad habit in a way, by passing the joy of books on to my son.

    In the day and age of e-readers and information on the internet, the magic of books and libraries has been hidden from youth and adults alike and I am so happy that you have brought it to light. Thank you for sharing!

    And also, congratulations on being published. After reading your story a couple months ago (and with the coaxing of my wife), I submitted several of my stories through the Chicken Soup site. Even submitting the stories gave me a tingle of joy, so I can’t even imagine the feelings you are experiencing right now 🙂 Best wishes for many more published works for you and long live books! 🙂

    • Are you kidding me!? I smell every single book I get my hands on. 🙂 You are so not alone in that, believe me!

      And I’m so happy you submitted to Chicken Soup!! Don’t get discouraged if you don’t hear anything for a while. I’ve read stories of people who were contacted years after they submitted. YEARS! I’d probably forget I had ever submitted anything by that point. Depending on which book you submitted for, you can check their “upcoming books” info to see if it is one that is going to be published anytime soon. That will give you a better idea of when to expect a response. My book is released in December and they contacted me in August, so I assume that’s the general rule – you’ll hear around 4 months prior. I submitted to a few others and never heard anything so I’m assuming I wasn’t chosen for them. I just keep submitting! Maybe that “beginner’s luck” I had will kick back in one of these days.

      Congrats for submitting! That takes guts, my friend.

  3. OMG I am NOT the ONLY book collector? I love them. I am sort of happy the local big bookstore went out of business because I had stacks of books I wanted to read and never got around to it. Many have been donated to the library for their book sale. I’m not getting to them, I needed to purge. Then there is the Kindle, yes, not a REAL book but wow can you collect books on there, free books… I have plenty and yet the only books I digest are audio…. The library has become my second home, first because I can get audio books and second if I check a book out I have three weeks to read it, this is motivating!! Congratulations on authoring a book!!

    • Oh, I’m into the audio books too. I have such a long drive to work and back that I go through them in no time at all. I’ve just about exhausted the supply at the local library – I think I’ve read just about everything they have! Oh yeah – it’s that bad. 🙂

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